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For those who want to save space and money, then this year Wiytamo portable air conditioner is the ideal choice for you because it is perfect for this job and can meet your different needs, whether it is a hot summer or a cold winter, it can work for you and bring comfort to your home. Ideal portable air conditioner for any small home, apartment, camper or office.

Powerful Cooling And Efficient Heating

ASHRAE Cooling capacity 14, 000 BTU (9500 BTU SACC), Heating capacity 11, 000 BTU. Machine has an efficient and powerful compressor that can supply cool air to 700 square feet of space and hot air to 500 square feet of space in your living room, bedroom, apartment and office, whether in hot or cold weather, it can give you a wonderful sense of experience. In addition, you can maintain temperatures from 61°F to 90°F with a variety of controls.

Wiytamo 14000 BTU +HEAT Air Conditioner OX-14KH

Get The Air Moving

In order to improve the efficiency of the machine, we designed the air outlet baffle of the machine with automatic swing function, which can make the air outlet baffle swing up and down 80°, which can make the air flow and distribute the cold air evenly to cool your room at the fastest speed, so that you can feel the feeling of wind flow at home and improve your experience.

Wiytamo 14000 BTU +HEAT Air Conditioner OX-14KH

LED Digital Display And Full-Function Remote

Our equipment is equipped with an easy-to-read LED display that lets you know the operating status of the machine. In addition, we have also designed an additional temperature display on the front of the machine, which allows you to check the temperature from a distance or from a distance in the dark, and you can control the machine with the remote control in your hand to adjust without getting up from the sofa temperature, function mode and other functions.

Wiytamo 14000 BTU +HEAT Air Conditioner OX-14KH

4 in 1 Function

To meet your different needs, our machine has 4 personalized function modes for you to choose from - cooling, heating, dehumidifying and fan. Machine also has a built-in temperature sensor that automatically adjusts the compressor operation according to the current temperature environment to reduce energy consumption. In addition, the machine has an upper drain hole and a lower drain plug for continuous drainage and manual drainage.

Wiytamo 14000 BTU +HEAT Air Conditioner OX-14KH


Our portable air conditioner comes with a sliding window kit and detailed instructions for installation, it is perfect for any vertical or horizontal sliding window (suitable window size: 25.6"-50.2"), you can connect the included 61" long hose and window kit adapter, then turn the unit on and start working, select the mode you want Function mode, start sitting on the sofa and enjoy the cool feeling the machine brings you. No additional tools are required for assembly, anyone can complete this installation.

Wiytamo 14000 BTU +HEAT Air Conditioner OX-14KH

Extremely Portable Design

To improve the mobility of the machine, four 360° universal casters and hidden handles on both sides are provided so that you can easily move the machine to any room. In addition, to provide clean hot and cold air, we designed a removable and reusable air filter to protect your family and living space from dust and pet hair, and recommend that you clean the unit's removable filter weekly to ensure optimal cooling

Wiytamo 14000 BTU +HEAT Air Conditioner OX-14KH


High Capacity in a compact size with cooling, dehumidifying, heating and fan function.
Temperature setting and display
LED Digital Display
Auto Swing 80°
WIFI intelligent control
Electronic control with built-in timer, sleep mode
Self-evaporating system for better efficient
Auto shut off when water tank is full
Automatic restart in the event of power outage
Auto defrosting function at low ambient temperatures
3- speed fan
24-hour timer function
Two drainage methods
Four 360° universal casters and hidden handles for easy mobility


     Product Model OX-14KHW
    ASHRAE Cooling Capacity 14,000 BTU/h
    ASHRAE Heating Capacity 11,000 BTU/h
    CEER 7.7 BTU/Hr.W
    Refrigerant R32
    Power Supply 115V/60Hz
    Speed High/Medium/Low
    Temperature Setting 61-90°F/16-32ºC
    Power Cord Length 70.9 inch
    Product Dimensions 19.9"L x 18.1"W x 34.5"H inch
    Net Weight 70.3 lbs
    Exhaust Hose Length 9.7-61.1 inch
    Exhaust Hose Diameter 5.9 inch

    Product packing list

    • OX-14KH * 1
    • Remote Control * 1
    • Guide * 1

    Kindly Note:

    1. To ensure the refrigerant in the cooling system has precipitated properly, please keep it upright for at least 24 hours before switching it on.
    2. Ensure that the equipment is placed on a solid, level surface for operational use
    3. Keep a distance of 27" between the unit and a wall or other object for proper air flow.
    4. In order to guarantee the best working effect of the machine, the window kit must be installed before the machine can be used.
    5. Recommended that you clean your device's removable filter weekly to ensure optimal cooling performance.
    6. If you have any questions, please contact our technical service, we will try our best to help you solve the problem.

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