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180 Pints Commercial Basement Dehumidifier with Pump

The industrial dehumidifier with pump will draw 180 pints of water from the air each day, at saturation (95°F, 80%) and (90 PPD@AHAM), 386 CFM dehumidification capacity is one of the most powerful options you will find. The Large spaces up to 6,000 sq ft. Suit for flood repair, water damage restoration, and carpet cleaning. To dry attic cellar, basement, damp warehouses, offices, server rooms, garages, gyms, construction sites. The room dehumidifier become a must-have for professional restoration companies.


Internal Condensate for Effortless Drainage with Pump

When this commercial dehumidifier during operation, this self-draining basement dehumidifier will automatically purge the collected condensation water out to a bucket, sink, out a window, or anywhere else that water can drain safely,and you can press the purge butoon to drain out when you want to store the industrial dehumidifier.

Run the drain hose upward and out through a window (provides 13 ft of vertical lift), or around to a doorway, or through a drilled hole to your yard/garden.

  • Power: 110-120V, 60Hz; Super Current: 6.4 A (80℉, 60%RH)
  • Sound Pressure Level: <60 dB(A)
  • Refrigerant: R32a
  • Working Temp(℉): 41~110 ℉
  • Humidity controller setting range: 10~90%

AUTO DEFROST: Prevents Coils from Freezing.

MEMORY RESTART: Lose Power? Picks Up Where it Left Off.

℉/℃ SWITCH: Press and power button for 5 seconds to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

  • Drain Hose Length: 24ft
  • Cord Length: 23.5ft
  • Net Weight: 81.57lbs
  • Gross Weight: 91lbs
  • The Commercial Dehumidifier Dimensions: 24.4*13.38*20.47 inch

Excellent Humidity Controller & Intelligent Control

This commercial dehumidifier has a smart LCD control panel that displays temperature and humidity at both inlet and outlet, press the power button 5s to switch℉/℃, The auto memory restart on power outage and auto HGV defrost features allow less supervision. Have a 24-hour timer, preset the time to turn on or off the basement dehumidifier, when you want clean and store this industrial dehumidifier, you can press the purge button, and drain condensate from the water tank.

Industrial Dehumidifier With Condensate Pump

Built-in a heavy-duty pump of a 24 ft long drain hose and 13 ft drain vertical height maximize the flexibility of use, this self-draining dehumidifier will automatically drain the condensation water to anywhere you want. You must make sure you place the unit on a flat surface to guarantee it drains extracted moisture correctly. It would be for worksites and similar environments, giving contractors an effective solution for excessive humidity levels.

Compact Design for Crawl Space

This industrial dehumidifier product dimension is 24.4 x 13.38 x 20.47 inches (L×W×H), the space-saving design with 2 carrying handles on the top of the housing makes it easy to position in small confined areas, 23.5ft power cord can placed on top, 24ft drain hose can be wrapped on the winders. Great for crawl spaces, tight basements, and other hard-to-reach areas. The vivid yellow color is easy to identify, preventing any problems by ensuring everyone on-site can see it.

Ergonomic Design & Easy to Move

Its robust casing makes it perfect for commercial and industrial environments to maintain quality and longevity. And the machine passes the CSA certification. Built-in wheels and handles mean you can easily move this dehumidifier around the worksite without stressful installation. Stackable, saving valuable spaces for both store and transportation. A washable filter is easy to clean. Please to monitor its condition of it more regularly to prevent dust buildup.

Service Support for Sale

APTOOK 180 pints heavy duty commercial basement dehumidifier are covered with 30-Days Money Back if you are not satisfied with the product. 1-year warranty and lifetime technical service. Don't hesitate to contact us with any requirements. We will do our best work for you. Reply to you within 12 hours and help you solve the problems. Giving you a worry-free purchase experience.

Roto-molded Housing Commercial Basement Dehumidifier Specification:

Floor Area 6000 Square Feet
Capacity 180 Pints
Industrial dehumidifier Dimensions 24.4"D x 13.38"W x 20.47"H
Item Weight 81.57 Pounds
Material Polyethylene (PE)
Model Name OX-R180C
Wattage 900 watts
Operation Mode Continuous
Air Flow Capacity 386 Cubic Feet Per Minute
Upper Temperature Rating 110 Degrees Fahrenheit


Industrial Dehumidifier Packing List for Sale

  • OX-R180C * 1
  • 24 ft Drain Hose * 1
  • Guide * 1

Notes on this Pro Commercial Dehumidifier

This heavy duty industrial dehumidifier with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Please check compatibility before purchasing.

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